Card Present Transactions


Weepay Electronic Data Capture (EDC) or Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals as well as mobile POS terminals can accept debit/credit card sales, balance inquiry, bills payment, cashout, agency banking, QR/bar code scanning, loyalty/rewards program, etc.


Card Not-Present Transactions


Weepay Online Payment Portal and Gateway for web merchants and eCommerce.


Other Payments and Business Solutions


Weepay Managed Service Solution which includes SaaS and IaaS as well as other Business Processes Outsourcing.

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Helping you grow your business by offering alternative, secure, safe, fast and convenient payment channels!


About Us
About Us

Weepay Payment Processing Corporation (“WEEPAY”) is a fintech company established in 2007. It was initially an online payment division of Accord Capital Equities Corporation, now known as Philstocks Financial, Inc. (Philstocks). Philstocks is a broker-dealer in the Philippine equities market and a member of the local bourse, the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). WEEPAY provides an online payment channel which allows Philstocks clients to fund their accounts and enable them to buy local equities in the local capital market through its real-time online web and mobile trading platform


WEEPAY was eventually registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on the 13th of May, 2010 and is engaged in the business of providing financial transaction processing and as a payment service provider through offering various payment channels such as debit/credit cards, mobile and virtual/digital wallets and other alternative payment schemes. 


WEEPAY started of as a Merchant Service Provider (MSP) for local financial institutions and banks offering different card scheme issueing and merchant acquiring businesses such Metrobank Card Corporation (MCC), Megalink and now BancNet, the country’s only ATM switch operator and a multi-bank, multi-channel electronic payment network.


Clients Feedback

Mark Edison Khu is the Head of Technology of Philstocks Financial, Inc.

"Weepay has been a valued partner of ours for over a decade offering a very convenient and secure payment channel for our trading clients in the local equity market."

Mark Edison Khu
Mark Edison Khu

Melissa Rivera is the Asset Management Manager of Oxford Distribution, Inc.

"Our IT and Business Solution has been effectively outsourced and managed by Weepay. They have provided exceptional service which has been both professional and highly competent."

Melissa Rivera
Melissa Rivera

Rowena Ochona Perez is the Manager for Procurement and Logistics of Philippe Gadgets & Accessories, Inc.

"Weepay offers alternative payment channels for our clients that are simple, safe and convenient."

Rowena Perez
Rowena Perez

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Passion for Excellence

WEEPAY offers the best, most advance and technologically innovative products, services and solutions.

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WEEPAY provide outstanding products, services and solutions offering premium value to its customer and clients.

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WEEPAY upholds the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all of its plans, objectives, projects and actions.


WEEPAY prides itself of its expertise and technical/operational proficiency evident to its many successful projects and undertakings.

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WEEPAY develops relationship that offers a positive difference with its clients and customers.


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WEEPAY promotes social responsibility through continuous financial literacy and a call to financial inclusion for everyone.

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